| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Aoun asks people instead of providing solutions, and Mikati justifies

The Lebanese were eagerly waiting for President Michel Aoun’s speech, which was described by Baabda circles as a “bomb”.

The president will be frank with the Lebanese people, and will name those who are obstructing the government, which has not met since October 12, and the country’s president is asking questions instead of offering solutions.

The president addressed the media as usual, and asked journalists to tell the truth, forgetting that he did not say a single word about those who are responsible of disruption, and only asked about the disrupters without naming them.

After the President’s “bomb”, the Lebanese were also surprised by the Prime Minister, who held an emergency press conference. Once again, the Lebanese are stuck in front of the screens, perhaps he will name the disrupters who obstruct the completion of the budget and 170 items related to basic benefits.

But the difference is that the prime minister appeared more diplomatic than the president and did not ask direct questions, but rather offered apologies for not holding Cabinet sessions.

Between asking questions and offering apologies, the Lebanese people fell into confusion, are they the real officials or the rulers?

  • Sawt Beirut International