| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Aoun summoned them so they threatened to strike

The dollar does not leave the Lebanese street,

It is the talk of all people.
It is the focus of most people’s lives.
Whoever the dollar is his source of livelihood flees from the camera lenses,
And the pupils of the eyes observe it,
The price of the dollar fell despite the disruption of the exchange platform that restrains it,
The disruption occurred due to the strike of central bank employees
As for the decline, it is due to the Central Bank’s failure to inject the Lebanese currency into the market.
Lawyer Hassan Bazzi, who is taking charge of the battle against the bank’s governor, is preparing a criminal complaint against the bank’s employees’ union.
for brandishing an open strike,
A strike will cause the price of the greenback to explode.
Exceptionally, entry to the Banque du Liban courtyard is only available for half an hour.
The announcement by the Syndicate of Bank Employees of the warning strike was in need of information,
The purpose of the move is not a requirement,
It is directed at Judge Ghada Aoun, who is pursuing the governor of the bank, Riad Salameh.
Entry to the bank yard is prohibited on normal days
Staff waving disruption disrupted fortifications systems surrounding the bank
It is a paper owned by the governor of the bank, which he uses to block the pressure papers on him, observers say.

  • Sawt Beirut International