| 18 June 2024, Tuesday |

Are hospitals only for the rich?

The health sector cannot be isolated from the rest of the sectors that are falling successively, as the health sector continues its slow and continuous collapse, despite the shy attempts to bridge the gaps and mitigate the severity of the fall. Today it seems that this sector, which is supposed to be one of the most important sectors, since it is directly linked to human health, has been greatly destabilized, and the citizen is facing a new burden added to the rest of the endless burdens. Hospitals are beginning to require patients to pay for their medications in cash and in Lebanese pounds before being admitted..
However, in light of this decision, the head of the Syndicate of Private Hospital Owners, Suleiman Haroun, warned that the one-week deadline for finding a solution to secure hospital liquidity is nearing its end, and it seems that there is a medicine crisis in hospitals, and the citizen must pay the price of medicine in cash so that the hospital can secure it.
But have the concerned parties reached a solution to this crisis, which reduces the burden on the patient and does not stand as an obstacle to his health?
How long will this solution remain valid?

And thus, the citizen finds himself facing a new dilemma on a daily basis, so hospitalization has become for the rich only in light of the high hospital bill, “If you can pay you will be hospitalized, and if not, may God help you.” Not to mention the growing drain of doctors and nurses emigration, which exacerbated the crisis even more, and the fear of a decline in the health service.

  • Sawt Beirut International