| 23 September 2021, Thursday |

August 4 a “Day of Shame”

August 4, is the day when the Republic fell into the warehouse hole number 12 and is still there.

Rodolph Hilal: August 4, a year since the era’s crime, when will the fact reveals? When does justice appears?

August 4, two hundred martyrs and more, the blast have turned victims into pieces.

Tony Khalife: August 4, the day in which gallows must be hung.

The day when the illusion that we are living in a country has fallen.

On August 4, Beirut turned into bereaved, with blood mixed with tears.

Carine Salameh: August 4, a completed crime, incomplete truth, and absent justice.

Diana Fakhoury: Beirut, which was destroyed by earthquakes 7 times and the biggest explosion in history, will have a new August 4, in which it will rise up among its blood, tears and ashes, to return to the world. Beirut did that before and will do so again.