| 26 November 2022, Saturday |

Authoring Consultations Prior to Commissioning Consultations

Consultations for authorship before binding assignment consultations, and the imposition of preconditions on ministerial portfolios, and on the name of the future prime minister. They are constitutional violations that strike the principle of binding parliamentary consultations.

About a month has passed since the resignation of the Mikati government, so that the President of the Republic called for binding parliamentary consultations on June 23.

In 2011, the period between the resignation of the ministers of March 8 and the appointment of President Najib Mikati was thirteen days.

In 2019, about three months passed between the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, after the October 17 revolution, and the naming of Hassan Diab as prime minister of a new government in December.

It is the fifth government under President Michel Aoun, and it is likely that it will be a government of republican powers, in the event that a new President of the Republic cannot be elected next November.

  • Sawt Beirut International