| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

Back to school, back to misery!

It’s August, the official season to prepare for the new school season.. the month of August, which was accompanied by an outrageous price hike, without any supervision.. Not to mention the tuition fees for schools and universities, which are now in fresh dollars, the lowest prices of the year’s “stationery” postulates, which rise in a way that makes it difficult for parents to bear the consequences.

In a quick tour of one of the bookstores, we can see that the price of the bag may reach one million pounds, after we calculated the pencil case, notebooks, pens and basic necessities.. whose price may reach the equivalent of the salary of the mother and father together

The “BIC” pen, which was priced at 250 Lebanese pounds, and the seven pens for a thousand pounds, has become a thing of the past.. And the notebook, which was at a thousand pounds, has become 50 thousand pounds… which forces the people to accept the reality, especially since the installments alone are enough to cause bankruptcy!
Who among the parents would have expected to buy stationery for their children with a pill instead of a dozen?

One crisis after another, ravaging the diaries of the Lebanese.. Will our state allow students to be deprived of learning the letters of the alphabet because of the pencil and eraser?


  • Sawt Beirut International