| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Bahaa Hariri to “Arabian Business”: To take urgent “non-sectarian” measures to avoid Lebanon’s collapse

Sheikh Bahaa Rafic Hariri called for urgent, non-sectarian measures, to reform the failed state.
Hariri, and via an interview with “Arabian Business,” urged the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states, to embrace the Lebanese community, and to distinguish between the Lebanese diaspora and the corrupt sectarian system, that caused this unnecessary deterioration in relations between Lebanon and its Arab neighbors.
Hariri said: “we, not only demand the dismissal of the Minister of Information, but also to end the sectarian system as a whole”, pointing out that Lebanon’s future, is non-sectarian and democratic, and must be led by men and women, who are not tainted by the shame of corruption and incompetence.
Hariri stressed that his desire to reform his country, roots from his commitment towards the Lebanese people, and that Lebanon’s strongest hope for its future, lies in the Parliamentary elections, which are to be held next March.