| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Bahaa Hariri to Qabas: Solution is to remove hostile majority of Gulf and Saudi Arabia

Businessman Sheikh Bahaa Rafik Hariri, and in Commenting on the current crisis between Lebanon and the Gulf states, considered that in the midst of a governmental system that benefits the personal stakeholders in power, and does not aspire to serve the people, the next stage may witness more problems, challenges and unpredictable mistakes.
Via an interview with Al-Qabas newspaper, Hariri said that it is not permissible to focus only on this immediate crisis with the Gulf, because the real crisis lies in the sectarian system prevailing in Lebanon, noting that the solution is to overthrow the current political class and replace it with an efficient national political elite, that is, by electing a new parliament majority, that will remove this corrupt political class and the hostile majority of the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia.
Hariri spoke about the importance of carrying out the required reforms, in order to change the status quo, pointing out that there is a complete plan for the reforms that he supports, drawn up by the “Sawa for Lebanon” group.
Regarding the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s government, he said that he had repeatedly called for the formation of a transitional government, composed of qualified leaders who are not affiliated with the old political authority and its failures.
In response to a question about his relationship with Saudi Arabia, Hariri stated that he had spent many years in the kingdom, which is a regional and global power.
As for his fear of a new May 7, Hariri said that the next confrontation with Hezbollah, which controls the political system and the current dysfunctional government, is inevitable, but he stressed that he, of course, does not believe in armed conflict and confrontation in the streets, because no one will win, that is why, it is not permissible to be drawn into their goals, whatever the cost.
And whether he is part of the sovereign front that is being formed, to confront Iranian hegemony, Sheikh Bahaa Hariri affirmed that he supports the people who seek to solve systemic problems in Lebanon, as the state is passing through an unprecedented economic collapse, the judicial system is in an unenviable and critical situation, and the people suffer from a massive shortages in raw materials, starting from fuel to medicine, in addition to high unemployment rates and the lack of new job opportunities, these are the needs and requirements that concern people, which is the minimum of their rights, expressing his commitment to providing this kind of solutions.
Hariri indicated that although he is not a veteran politician, still he believes in the new generation of politicians who have the ability to lead the new path towards the Lebanon, we all dream of, and that he is doing his utmost to support real and lasting change in Lebanon, and is proud to support the wonderful work done by “Sawa for Lebanon”, which is working on the ground to bring about a radical change.
He explained that he and his wife, Hasna al-Hariri, launched a non-profit organization, the “Nuh Foundation”, which focuses on accelerating the pace of sustainable change, and creating many opportunities for the people of Lebanon.
And whether he will run in the upcoming elections, Hariri said that he has no news to announce today, but he will do so soon, revealing that he will be in Lebanon in the coming period.
Speaking about the political legacy of Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, Sheikh Bahaa Hariri said: “I believe we have inherited lots of talents and skills and a great opportunity to serve the community, explaining that he personally was able to serve the Lebanese people, and is doing his best to help bring about real and sustainable change in Lebanon. He also expressed his full confidence that “if we unite as a people, we can achieve the” Lebanon”, which was dreamed of and drawn by my father, the martyr Rafik Hariri.”