| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Bank raids.. Discretionary law enforcement

In response to the banks closing their doors, they tore down the gate of the Qasr al-Adl police station, and in response to the arrest of Abd al-Rahman Zakaria and Muhammad Rostom, the relatives of the two young men managed to detain the security forces behind the bars of Justice.

From Tikrit in Akkar Governorate, they came demanding the release of Rostom and Zakaria, who supported Sally Hafez in getting her money back from Blom Bank to treat her cancer-stricken sister.

The judiciary has taken a decision to deter depositors and those who support them, a decision that appears by judicial authority to all security agencies to pursue what it described as criminal acts committed inside banks and work to arrest the perpetrators and refer them to it. Legal experts considered that the authorization is legal in form, not in content.

In addition to the arrest of Rostom and Zakaria, based on a note in absentia from the military court, against the background of the attack on soldiers, the depositor, Abd al-Rahman Sobra, was also arrested on charges of possessing an unlicensed weapon. Soubra, who had entered Blom Bank on the road to Jdeideh, but did not use it, according to the testimony of the security forces.

As for the two people who used weapons against Soubra, they were released even though they did not have a license for the weapons they were carrying, according to a security source, but rather because they were affiliated with a political party.

The army leadership, according to SBI special sources, refused to let the military establishment serve as a shield for the banks that seized citizens’ money.

The military establishment is in an unenviable position. They are obligated to control security in the country. But not at the expense of the rights of the people. This requires the political system to be wary of the military joining the people in the face of the banking system.


  • Sawt Beirut International