| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

Bank storming… last choice

The option of “fulfilling the right in person” has become the last option for those who were turned by banks into beggars at their doors to obtain their own money.

The experience of citizen Abdullah Al-Saei with extracting his deposit from the Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries in Jub Jenin was encouraging to others, especially since Judge Amani Salameh released him on a financial bail of no more than two hundred thousand pounds, which indicates the judge’s understanding of what he had done.

What happened a few days ago in a bank is like an alarm bell. An experience that is repeated in light of the failure of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities to achieve people’s rights.

Bassam, the son of the southern town of Aitaroun and a resident of the Ouzai region, declared that he had done what he had done to complete the medical treatment of his father, who was hospitalized. His deposit is $210,000.

His wife says that he repeatedly tried to take advantage of the successive circulars of the Banque du Liban and negotiate with the bank (Federal Bank) to withdraw the sums he needed without success, until he implemented a well-thought-out scheme that allowed him to recover about $30,000 from it.

Entering the bank by force and intimidating employees is a mistake that is not permitted by law, but despite its gravity, it remains a very small mistake in parallel to the crime committed against depositors and continued three years ago.

Neither Abdullah Al-Saei nor Sheikh Hussein will be the last to fulfill their rights themselves. And if the custodians of the law are the thieves themselves, then the last remedy must be taking the right by force.


  • Sawt Beirut International