| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Banks under attack again

The stock of verbal negotiation between the depositor and the bank in Jbeil was exhausted, but his weapons store was not out of bullets.
It is the social security that has become exposed in the country, for the citizen Issa Ibrahim, a deposit of nine thousand dollars in the Bank of Beirut, Byblos branch.

He came with his military weapon to enter the bank, and he was surprised to find that the door was locked in his face, and he only opened fire. He failed to enter and failed to start the engine of his car, which suddenly broke down, leaving it in place. A passerby of his friends helped him and drove him to his hometown of Hajoula in the Byblos district.

The calm of the monastery in Antelias has also been violated. A Lebanese parliamentarian storms the Byblos Bank. Opposition MP Cynthia Zarazeer demands her deposit of $8,500.

And the amount is a need for surgery, which is the difference that the health insurance company wants from her.

For a month, the bank refused to give her the amount despite submitting all the necessary medical papers.
Before Cynthia has her surgery, she is in the process of negotiating for the money to be transferred from the bank to the hospital.

Lebanon entered the phase of social security insecurity.
The machine gun entered the battle line between the depositor and the bank.
And the threat of plastic pistols moved to the threat of killing people with real weapons, perhaps because the depositor’s money has become equivalent to sacrificing his soul because he considers himself killed.

In the dictionary of recovering depositors’ money, the language of lead is used today, a language that aims to make the bank understand that force and violence have been added to the means of recovering deposits, deposits that will not be given in full after the collapse of the state and after the smuggling of billions by the powerful, and the inability of the banks to close their doors forever.


  • Sawt Beirut International