| 28 November 2022, Monday |

Basil took a woman and her husband hostage!

Lara Samaha, an American citizen of Lebanese descent, and her husband filed a case in Beirut in 2015, alleging that members of their family had taken over Lara’s inheritance, which was valued in the millions of dollars. As additional pressure, the couple filed a parallel lawsuit in the United States of America. For a moment, we think that this is normal. However, this case is like a Hollywood movie. In 2019, the couple visited Lebanon in the hope of settling the dispute, and upon their arrival at Beirut airport, they were detained and imprisoned.

In a communication with Sawt Beirut International, Lara Samaha stated that she was imprisoned for 11 days while her husband was imprisoned for 9 days in an underground military prison. Lara also stated that when she was detained, her lawyer had withdrawn the lawsuits from Lebanon and America without her consent.

The details of the case began to emerge at this point. He was proposed as a lawyer for the case during Lara’s visit to the wife of MP Gebran Bassil, who is linked to the family. Bassil planted him as a spy to monitor all of her judicial moves, knowing that the lawyer is one of the defendants in the American civil case that Lara and her husband reopened upon their release and return to Miami against Gebran Bassil and Salim Jreissati, who was Minister of Justice at the time, judge Peter Germanos and Danny Macaron and many others connected to Bassil were handed up to Lebanon’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If another black mark is added to Bassil and his aides’ bad record against the Lebanese, the subject of Lara Samaha will be followed up on by Sawt Beirut International, and we will have following news on this case.

  • Sawt Beirut International