| 24 July 2024, Wednesday |

Because of high prices of spare parts … motorcycles instead of cars

Motorcycles instead of cars, a solution that some have resorted to, for reducing their expenses, which reached record levels with the continuous crazy rise in commodity prices, especially in light of the warnings that the price of gasoline can reach imaginary  numbers compared to what it is today if the subsidy is completely lifted.

A motorcycle seller confirmed to “Voice of Beirut International” correspondent Ghida Jabili that “sales have decreased considerably in light of the current situation, but with lifting the subsidies on the fuel , citizens will resort to motorcycles.” And about the prices of motorcycles, he said, “it start from $ 600 to $ 1,300.Dollars ”.

The Lebanese fix the spare parts but “lament his fortune” if it turns out that his car or motorcycle needs new parts, and according to what a mechanic said, “The price of car parts is very high, so a person is forced to resort to motorcycles, but at the same time if it needs spare parts, the price is very high and  In US dollars, so people resort to fixing it.

The economic crisis has wiped out all of this sector, so even the owners of car showrooms are unable to continue, especially since the buying and selling process has gradually stopped with the successive crises that hit the country, and the tourism sector has also been struck for the second year in a row. Car sales  have decreased by 75 percent, or even 80 percent since last year, due to the economic situation and the lack of money with people, especially the dollar, and there are those who sell their cars for travel.

In light of the absence of public transportation in Lebanon and its limited to 37 buses for nine lines in Beirut to serve two million people, the Lebanese resort to alternative means of transportation such as motorcycles and tuk-tuks, to be able to withstand in a country whose citizens pay the price for the greed of the ruling political class.