| 24 June 2024, Monday |

Beirut.. “The city of darkness”

A total darkness invades the tunnels of Beirut, a darkness that the citizens of this country and even its expatriates and tourists complain about.. From the airport tunnels to Ain Al-Mreisseh.. Dark tunnels accompany you, welcome and easy, and may be a reason for “goodbye”!

A black hole that citizens enter, “they can go out well and maybe not”, so rely on God and the headlights of the car “if they are lit! What poses a threat to the lives of drivers, who cross these tunnels daily, and in their minds there is a fear of a fatal traffic accident because of the dark darkness that controls them.

Faced with this black reality, there is a complete absence of the concerned authorities.. and solutions are always patchwork. As for the Lebanese citizen, he is accustomed to being neglected and absent. Rather, he is accustomed to darkness, so that lighting in road tunnels is a luxury whose existence is surprising.

There are many causes and death is one, but we are in Lebanon, the cause is one and death is many.


  • Sawt Beirut International