| 29 September 2022, Thursday |

Belated Justice: Rola Yaqoub, may your soul rest in eternal peace!

Nearly 9 years have passed since the murder of Rola Yaqoub at the hands of her husband, Karam Al Bazi.  Rola, the mother of five daughters, who was violently abused to death without pity or mercy, was provided the acknowledgement she deserves after a long delay, knowing that the duration of the sentence, is not equivalent to the heartburn of the victim’s mother, Leila, and does not cure her feeling of anger.

The Court of Cassation sentenced the killer to five years in prison with hard labor for causing the murder of his wife, while obliging him to pay a compensation of 300 million Lebanese pounds to her mother, Mrs. Leila Khoury.

Immediately after the verdict was issued, KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation non-governmental organization published the text of the verdict, after following the course of the investigations over the nine years.

The verdict is late, but it is a victory for justice, especially since these cases are kept in the drawers of the Lebanese judiciary, and do not reach their conclusion, either because of nepotism, or on the pretext of insufficient evidence, or to place them in the category of honor crimes.

Rola’s story summarizes the tragedies of dozens of abused and marginalized women in Lebanon, hoping that this verdict will be a lesson and a cry in the face of every abuser so that faith in the possibility of not escaping from punishment will return, even after a while.

  • Sawt Beirut International