| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Berri sentences the judicial investigator?!

Whoever listens to President Nabih Berri speaking on the anniversary of the disappearance of Imam Musa al-Sadr thinks that he is listening to a civil society activist, an academic or an observer! The man speaks about the great principles and wants an ideal state and a virtuous republic, as if he has nothing to do with the current Lebanese situation, and what Lebanon has reached in terms of semi-collapse.

Did President Berri forget that he is a man involved in the decision, and that he has been a key player in the decision since at least 1990? Did Berri forget that the Amal movement he has headed since the eighties of the last century is strongly present in all the governments that were formed in the post-Taif era? Did Berri forget that he has headed a large parliamentary bloc since 1992, and the parliament since that year as well, and through it controls the legislative and accountability movement?

In all these cases, how does Berri speak in the language of the observer, not in the language of the official? How does he look at reform, fighting corruption, and improving the state’s performance, when we know exactly what he and his supporters did in state institutions, councils, funds, and the Ministry of Finance?

The great tragedy is that Berri did not stop here, but rather transferred his theorizing to the judicial issue, so he appointed himself as a judge over the judicial investigator, asking the latter to implement the laws and not to jump over them, select or take sides. He also asked him to hear the voice of justice only, not to those who whisper to him or shout. This is surprising. The judiciary is an independent authority, and the executive and legislative authorities have no right to interfere in its affairs, by charting the course of the investigation for the investigator.

As for the content, it is certain that Berri is not the right reference for demanding the application of the law, because his experience along with the Amal movement in power do not inspire confidence, as they draw a thousand question marks.

Honorable Speaker Berri: Wasn’t it more useful to ask the two deputies in your bloc to be heard by the judicial investigator, instead of calling for the absolute application of the law? Do you really think that building a state of institutions and transparency is only with sweet and beautiful words? Truly: If you are afflicted with sins, then get covered!

  • Sawt Beirut International