| 8 December 2022, Thursday |

Berri speaker of the House of Representatives… Deputy not settled

It is now decided that Speaker Nabih Berri will win a seventh term as Speaker of the House of Representatives, with a difference represented in the number of white papers he will receive this time, as it is expected that the number of white papers will exceed the number he obtained in 2018, when it reached 30.

As for what is not yet settled, he is the deputy chairman of the council, especially since the identity of the winner for this position will be an indicator of the new balance in the council between the sovereign change forces on the one hand and the forces of political authority allied to Hezbollah on the other, in addition to the establishment of a new reality represented by a united sovereign change front that will establish For binding parliamentary consultations to assign and then authorize, and therefore there is an opportunity for the new majority to hold on to the initiative of naming the prime minister and to impose the demand of the new majority government, if it appears united.

According to the information, the change deputies resolved the issue of voting for Berri with a white paper, as well as the Lebanese Forces, the Kataeb Party and some independent representatives. In return, Berri will receive the votes of his bloc, Hezbollah’s bloc, and the votes of a number of Sunni MPs allied to the party, including Jihad Al-Samad Hassan Murad, the Al-Ahbash MPs, the Alawi MP, and independent MPs such as Michel Murr and Jean Taluzian.

The question remains about the Strong Lebanon bloc’s vote, as information reveals about the tendency of a number of deputies affiliated with the bloc, but not in the Free Patriotic Movement bloc, to vote for Berri. vice president.

On the other hand, it is reported that the Development and Liberation Bloc has exchanged the Strong Lebanon Bloc by granting Bou Saab a number of its votes, while MP Attia’s staying in the race may pose a problem for Bou Saab, knowing that the Akkar bloc announced from Ain al-Tineh its insistence on Attia’s nomination, but MP Walid al-Baarini suggested that the bloc It may eventually stick to one resolution with President Berri.

On the other hand, the picture is still ambiguous in the ranks of the forces of change. After the nomination of Bekai MP Ghassan Skaf in a statement dominated by the sovereign content, the name of MP Melhem Khalaf returned to circulation again, and he learned that the change deputies will meet in the evening to decide the final decision.

Skaff, according to the information, may have the support of the Progressive Socialist Party, and perhaps the Lebanese Forces Party, which will issue its position in the evening, as well as the Kataeb Party. It should be recalled that the vice president, like the president, needs in the first and second sessions an absolute majority of the number of voters, and in the third session, if it happens, the relative majority is adopted. Securing a quorum, i.e. 65 deputies, remains a prerequisite in the three sessions.

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