| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Best pothole competition for 2021, sponsored by Ministry of Works and Municipalities

The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Dr. Ali Hammieh, when meeting with the Coordinator of International Aid for Lebanon, Ambassador Pierre Dukan, and his presentation of projects related to the port, joint transport, railways and the development of Beirut port, it hasn’t crossed his mind, that when the latter leaves the ministry, his convoy might fall into the countless potholes on Lebanon’s road, and he will laugh and says : “If they are unable of fixing a pothole.. they will be able of fixing a country?.”
In one area, and in particular, in Dbayeh, the SBI camera monitored more than 9 holes.
With New Year approaching, we wanted to participate in the “Best Hole” competition for the year 2021, under the auspices of the Ministry of Works and municipalities, on the highways, and on the internal roads. .

In rank 9,
In rank 8,
In rank 7,
In rank 6,
In rank 5,
In rank 4,
In rank 3,
In rank 2,
In rank 1
As for the tragedy award, and exceptionally, it goes for the large hole of sewage, that the fourteen-year-old girl, Rola Bahlaq, fell into it and died in Hai-EL-Selloum neighbourhood
Despite the several reports that were publishede, How much does the citizen pay for the holes scattered all over the country… Neither the municipalities nor the minister are turning a hearing ear.
There are those who believe: “The neglect is deliberate… With the approach of the elections… Asphalt becomes required, for a distinguished service.”