| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

Between poor and rich, middle class vanished in Lebanon

(He/she) are not the only one in Lebanon..With the ongoing economic collapse and with the erosion of the Lebanese pound’s value, with which the value of the salaries, that are still at the dollar rate of 1500, most of the Lebanese pushed towards poverty..and the middle class in Lebanon became confronted with choices they never had in mind before … and moving from the ordinary, affluent life, to the life of the necessity of necessities..
In other words, between the poor and the rich, the middle class in Lebanon vanished, so either they are miserable, bearly living, or living the life of “La vie en rose”as if there is no crisis in Lebanon.

It is an inescapable reality imposed by the economic crisis in the country in light of the complete absence of the state…
The demise of this class does not bode well due to the fact that it constitutes a guarantee of sustainable growth.. It is the first engine of consumption. With its growth, the capabilities of the state grow and vice versa.
The pillar and backbone of any country collapsing in Lebanon..
And the Lebanese became “living from lack of death”, waiting for relief and a mass of miracles.