| 31 May 2024, Friday |

Beware of the new MoPH platform

It is not clear to those coming to Lebanon the necessity of the new Ministry of Health platform set up by the Ministry to regulate the payment of the PCR, i.e. $30, as of January 10.

It is usual that this cost is paid within the price of the travel card without entering into the traveler’s private details.

A second circular that requires disclosure of the traveler’s personal data, such as sending his personal photo, phone number and home address, will be applied as of December 15, issued by the General Directorate of Lebanese Civil Aviation, requesting registration on the ministry’s platform also, mophpass, in preparation for obtaining a traffic permit. But does this site respect or apply privacy laws?

And another question arises: Why did the Ministry of Health not hand these tasks over to the impact platform of the Civil Inspection, which has used its infrastructure in the vaccination campaign since February 2021 and is currently used to register in a support network for social protection, and it adheres to the highest standards of security and is keen to maintain data privacy and integrity. The data collected through the various applications of the platform is encrypted, stored and protected with Ogero servers in a way that makes it virtually impossible to hack.

Who protects the Lebanese people?

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and leaking expatriates’ data without clarification to the expatriates, to the Ministry of Health and issuing circulars without transparency or legality, this is how privacy is violated in Lebanon.

  • Sawt Beirut International