| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Bitar and the green light

Judge Tarek Bitar, who was appointed as a judicial investigator into the case of Beirut Port blast in February 2021, will resume the preliminary investigations, after giving him the green light to move forward, ddespite the Tayouneh invasion, which some believed would twist his arm.

The letter of Minister of Justice Henry Khoury to the Parliament yesterday, which confirms Bitar’s insistence on pursuing MPs and ministers based on Article 97 of Parliament’s internal system, is considered the first green light by the Minister of Justice.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s insistence on not interfering in judicial files is the second green light.

The President of the Republic was also keen to keep him, but he questioned the course of the investigation and delays the issue of lifting the immunity of the Director General of State Security, Tony Saliba.

The support of the victims’ families is also considered a green light

Most of the revolutionary groups are fully prepared to stand by him in any battle, and this huge crowd that participated in the first anniversary of the August 4 explosion has proved that.

The international community insists and reminds of the need to continue the investigation and foreign newspapers praise Bitar and his biography

The green light for Bitar also came from several parties and political blocs, such as the Lebanese Forces and Kataeb parties, prominent figures such as resigned MP Michel Moawad, Saleh Mashnouq, son of MP Nohad Machnouk, who is wanted for investigation.

The Maronite Patriarch also supports the investigation and is reassured that he is with Judge Bitar, as he did not receive any Christian accused to obtain cover in Bkerke.

The Supreme Judicial Council, which met with Judge Bitar, who, through its president, Souhail Abboud, was keen on the type of questions that would be directed to the judge, which should not go beyond the limits of generalities, was also supportive to Bitar from the principle of judicial prestige and respect for laws. The session ended quickly and did not take an hour.

During which Bitar confirmed that he is continuing with his summons, and in the event that they do not comply with the appearance, they will be informed and his answers were short and quick.

The council had previously tried to cancel this meeting, but the majority of judges insisted on it.

The most important green light is from God, and the judge when his father, the later asked him to recuse saying: “Your mother and me are afraid for you.”

  • Sawt Beirut International