| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Block No. 1 in North Lebanon: white gold in the sea

His sea and land are a treasure, in his land there is dust worthy of the four seasons, and in his sea there are riches of water with additional phosphorous and iodine.

In Anfeh, the wheels of the wind greet you like a flag that flutters in the rhythm of the wind and the sound of the roar of the waves, tides and ebbs on the lines of contact of the fishermen. Here is a Lebanese young woman who inherited from her ancestors a profession and belonging, and a determination with the whiteness of salt, shining under the sunlight during the day and purifying from the breezes of the night after sunset.

Jessica Najjar, invests in water wealth, explores without calculations, extracts without political influence, and produces for this land.

Jessica develops her work, by integrating the capabilities of young people in marketing and social media with the experiences of parents and grandparents who were in the world of salt.

What prevents the salt pans from becoming in Anfeh, as in Italy, a destination for tourists, and a door for investment around them in the restaurants and entertainment sector? Nothing, we are a nation whose pressure is not raised by the urgency of crises.

At a time when Lebanon abandons the oil blocks in the south, there is in the north Block No. 1, white gold, salt with the taste of sugar.


  • Sawt Beirut International