| 28 October 2021, Thursday |

Cabinet session postponed until further notice to avoid an early explosion of Mikati’s government

The cabinet did not convene after the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice failed to find a solution that preserves the dignity of the judiciary and the government as a whole, and the ceiling set by Amal and Hezbollah’s ministers and Marada’s two ministers affiliated to return to participating in the government sessions.

According to information, the reasons for canceling the session were the duo’s refusal to any proposal that does not dismiss Bitar, the President’s insistence to reject his dismissal, and adopting the legal path for any solution, that is, for the request to take place through the Supreme Judicial Council.

The decision in the Cabinet is for President Aoun as the majority of the members appointed are from the Free Patriotic Movement. President Aoun, who refuses to pursue Major General Saliba, finds himself embarrassed between pleasing Hezbollah from one side, and the repercussions of the decision to replace Bitar on the Christian street before the parliamentary elections.

The cabinet session was postponed until further notice, and the request, as announced, came from Mikati in agreement with Aoun, perhaps to buy time and avoid an early explosion of his government.

The question that arises in this context, what will change as long as Hezbollah does not change its position? According to sources close to Hezbollah, the matter has become existential and he will not accept anything less than the dismissal of Bitar, as was clear in Secretary-General’s speech. Therefore, any proposal that does not go in this direction is rejected by Hezbollah and Amal.

While it was reported that the Bitar family is in France, the French embassy denied the matter and considered it a rumor. The duo is preparing tomorrow for a mass demonstration in front of the Palace of Justice, in preparation for removing Bitar, a phrase used by the Minister of Culture, Judge Murtada, a former colleague of Bitar.

The Head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea has called the free Lebanese people to prepare for a comprehensive and peaceful general closure in the face of the other side’s attempt to impose its will by force.

All of this comes in the wake of American and European international support for Bitar to continue the investigations of the port without any interventions and intimidation.

Diplomatic sources revealed that the European Union foreign ministers who will hold a meeting next Monday may address from outside the agenda the Lebanese file based on what is happening in the port file, especially if dramatic developments happened on the Lebanese scene in the coming days call for a quick European position.