| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

Cancer patient barefoot, fighting to survive

We run barefoot, an expression that indicates a lot about our current situation, as it is an analogy to a state of misery, poverty, or the pursuit of a living.
As for him, he decided to take off with his shoes all the burdens of this world, and generate from the energy of running a force stronger than any chemical or radiotherapy, a treatment with the power of the living pulse that knocks once per second, and once in love.

Raymi Naous, a young man who is a hero not only in sports honors but also in humanitarian honors. His cups and medals are in the eyes of children who are bound by chemotherapy serum, who sleep in the hope of recovery and who are awakened by the support of men from Raymi. Let’s run!

Running has many benefits for the person who runs, but with Raymi, it benefits others more. Whoever has it gives more, but the one who lacks something does not give it.

Raimi’s journey began on the highways and will not end in any geographical area, it ends only with the silence of the human pulse.

Cancer treatments are either chemotherapy, radiation or immunotherapy, but today running is added to it.


  • Sawt Beirut International