| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Cancer patients, victims of state and stakeholders’ neglect

Fawzia Fayyad, the Lebanese cancer fighter, the girl who cried when she was talking about her father’s suffering in his attempts to secure her treatment. A scene like this, which sums up the suffering of cancer patients in Lebanon, was supposed to bring down an entire government in shame, or to lead the Minister of Health Firas Abyad to take action and pressure the government to give cancer patients extra attention. As for Fawzia’s body, it was no longer able to resist the malignant disease, she died last Thursday, after a long journey with suffering and endurance in a country more vile and more despicable than the wicked itself.

There are 30,000 cancer patients in Lebanon and 8,000 new cases each year. They suffer as Fawzia suffered. Medicine is available to them by dropper, and not for all patients. Many receive treatment for one month and cannot secure it for two months. The insidious are maliciouson both physical and psychological levels, in the state of hell. Medicines are missing due to the crisis that is reflected in the completion of financial and administrative transactions to obtain credits to import them, and the treatment costs patients huge sums of money in fresh dollar for each chemotherapy session.

So, will those concerned take action… those with dead consciences and random decisions? Or will the situation remain as it is, where cancer patients are defeated to death on daily basis?

  • Sawt Beirut International