| 26 June 2022, Sunday |

Candidates won or failed.. their pictures keep distorting capital’s view

Breezes of change blew in favor of new representatives in Parliament. The final scene of the results release was joyful for the successful ones. However, symbols of entitlement are still scattered on the roads in Beirut. Violation of the law is still in force by some of those who run for the enactment of laws.

In the Tamles neighborhood on the Al-Jadida road, a scene devoid of all pictures. The candidate was unsuccessful in the result, but he committed to the speedy removal of his pictures from all areas immediately. Take the initiative to raise all evidence of it before the Beirut municipality requested the matter from the candidates and representatives.

Beirut municipality elements have begun restoring the civilized image of the capital, a task that is supposed to be entrusted to the candidates. Whoever raises slogans described as large did not abide by its duties described as small. Whoever was able to spread his photos quickly throughout the capital and its neighborhoods cannot convince the street of the difficulty of removing them at the same speed.


  • Sawt Beirut International