| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Career rebellion began, and state administrations collapsing.

From working one day per week by the cell phone or candles’ light, the escalation of official departments and public institutions’ employees, has developed towards declaring an open and comprehensive strike, and the state institutions have become a decomposing corpse until further notice.
The increase in erosion and congestion’s levels, as a result of salaries loosing more than 90% of their value, and the inability of the employee to reach his work center due to the high price of gasoline, made the career disobedience ball gradually indicative of escalating moves, with no horizon.
And thus, peoples’ interests are completely halted, the paralysis also extends to the judicial body, with the judicial assistants entering an open strike starting next Monday. All of this, and the state is watching and fighting while the foundations of institutions collapse and no one is moving.
So far, there has been no ability to correct wages, or defining a minimum roof, and the promised aid, does not put food on tables.
In short, no administrations, no institutions, no government, no state.