| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Cherine weeps on stage during her concert in Kuwait

A video clip of Egyptian artist Cherine Abdel Wahab crying while performing one of her songs on stage was released on social networking sites last night during her concert in Kuwait.
Followers and Cherine’s fans shared the video, commenting, “Your tears are precious, Cherine.”

The Egyptian singer presented a bouquet of her most beautiful songs, and the audience interacted with her, starting with “I don’t want anyone but you”, and she also met the audience’s request, which was demanding specific songs.
Cherine sent a touching message to the audience, and said: “I miss my beloved ones… why do you want sad songs that remind me of lonely days?”
Cherine wore a sporty block, and she wore shiny pants with a black “hoody”.

After a special ceremony held to celebrate the new cooperation between the two parties, the image of Egyptian star Amr Diab topped the facade of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, with pictures that accompanied the announcement of a new exclusive cooperation between the plateau and the Anghami application.
Amr Diab, the artist, deleted all of his songs from his official YouTube channel a few weeks ago, only to announce later that all of his songs would be exclusively available on the Anghami app.

Under the slogan “Women for Leadership”, and coinciding with International Women’s Day, the fifth edition of the Beirut International Film Festival for Women was held, honoring the Lebanese actress Takla Chamoun, for her female personality for 2022.

Takla expressed her gratitude for the honor and spoke about devoting her life to art, which led her to forego motherhood. What was remarkable was her husband’s support and presence at the ceremony, Tony Fajrallah, who expressed his pride in her and her accomplishments.

Kim Kardashian set the trend when she appeared at the Balenciaga show during Paris Fashion Week in a bizarre outfit covered entirely in yellow and black duct tape with the Balenciaga logo.

Kim documented the “process” behind the scenes on Instagram, in which four Balenciaga staff members were hired to tape the tight black suit she was wearing.

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