| 26 November 2022, Saturday |

Chronic pollution in Qaraoun Lake posing threat to public health

It is Qaraoun Lake as you have never seen it before, as the lake which was supposed to be fresh water, has turned into a lake for sewage and wastes.

The pictures of the lake are horrible, as it includes carcinogenic polluted green water, with rates increasing whenever the water level drops. The official negligence to curb this crime constitutes a scandal, knowing that sewage is the main cause of pollution of the lake and the Litani River.

The lake has a current storage of 53 million cubic meters of sewage water.

Sawt Beirut International obtained the latest statistics related to the pollution of Qaraoun and the Litani, and found that the numbers have far exceeded the permissible rates, and the most dangerous is that the areas of irrigated lands located 2 km from the river and the lake amount to 8,396 hectares.

The results of laboratory tests conducted by the Litani Authority confirm that drinking water is not safe and unsuitable for domestic use, which raises big questions about the 50,000 people who are drinking from this river.

The study indicated that the amount of untreated industrial wastewater is 10,268 cubic meters per day, or 4 million cubic meters annually, at a time when the number of licensed and unlicensed factories is 865.

As for the amount of untreated sewage, it amounts to 128,154 cubic meters per day, equivalent to 46 million cubic meters annually, most of which flows directly into the Litani.

Amid this situation, the money allocated to sewage projects in the Litani River Basin has gone.

Around 12 decrees and laws has been enacted to accept loans and grants, and the amount was estimated at $1.189.

Where did the money go and how were it spend? Where are the sewage stations and networks, knowing that most of them are fictitious, under preparation, or established and not working.

Thus, the conspiracy elements against the largest lifeline in Lebanon were completed. Corrupt politicians, a council that has neither development nor reconstruction, tainted killers, and people who drink and eat a morsel of poison.

  • Sawt Beirut International