| 26 November 2022, Saturday |

Citizens addressing the government: Death has become more merciful!

One of the worst scenarios that Lebanon and its people may reach is: Finding a citizen inside a pharmacy asking for the price of a drug, only to come out humiliated without it after discovering that he cannot afford it, especially after the government has partially lifted subsidies on chronic disease medicines, a decision that has been signed and supervised by the Minister of Public Health Firas Abiad.

Abiad and the corrupt system forgot before proceeding with such a decision, that medicine is not like gasoline, so the citizen “cancels his trip,” but he cannot go to death with his full will. Even if this plan was under the principle of partiality, it was not merciful.

According to the ration plan announced by the Health Minister, the medicines for chronic diseases were divided into three categories: expensive, medium and cheap medicines.

The expensive will be subsidized by 65%, the middle by 45% and the cheap one by 25%.

For instance:

Diabetes medicine that was 76,000 LBP has now become 460,000 LBP

The pressure medicine, which was priced at 24,000 LBP, is now 14,000 LBP.

Nexium 40mg: from 40,000 LBP to 232,000 LBP

Euro D: from 20,000 LBP to 227,000 LBP

Even infant formula was not delivered. After its price was between 12,000 and 15,000 LBP, it became 94,000 LBP.

Exclusively and in Lebanon, the wonderland, the poor have to choose between either medicine, or hospitalization, or the generator and electricity bill, or transportation, or gasoline and fuel. The citizen cannot afford all these services and commodities at the same time, because his salary can cover one bill only.

  • Sawt Beirut International