| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Confrontation between hospitals and banks, employees are victims

Treasury advance worth 600 billion LBP as social assistance to public administration employees

Caretaker Minister of Finance Ghazi Wazni signed a draft decree to provide a one-time treasury advance of 600 billion LBP as emergency social assistance to all public administration employees, regardless of their job titles, in addition to retirees who benefit from a retirement pension.

The value of the assistance is determined on the basis of the monthly salary or pension without any increases, provided that it is paid in two equal installments. Wazni referred the draft decree to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Confrontation between hospitals and banks, in which employees are victims

A confrontation has arisen between hospitals and banks, as a result of the refusal of some banks to pay the salaries and wages of the hospital employees that have domiciliation accounts in it, unless hospitals secure the required cash to cover the value of those salaries and wages. This decision will ban the hospital staff from receiving their salaries at the end of this month. On the other hand, bank employees will be unable to admit hospitals.

General Labor Union calls for wage adjustment

The General Labor Union called on the economic bodies to “take a bold stance and participate in the index committee meeting under the title “Increasing the minimum wage, correcting the salary brackets, and increasing all wages in proportion to the skyrocketing rise in the prices of goods, fuels, and medicine.”

The Head of the General Labor Union Bechara Asmar addressed the economic bodies, cartels and agency owners that are stilling living on another planet, and paying their workers on the exchange rate of 1,500 LBP.

Asmar asked them to look at the working class, to stand with the poor and those with limited income, and to immediately abandon selfishness and feel with the suffering of those people with a minimum wage of $30 that would not be enough to fill a fuel tank for a car of the leaders. The labor union concluded: “Hasten to address the dangerous situation before the big explosion.”

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