| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Constitutional Court slapped Basil … and elections at stake

Finally, after seven continuous sessions of the Constitutional Council, the white smoke of the ‘no decision, decision’, emerged, with regard to the challenge related to the expatriate vote, as the Strong Lebanon bloc received a strong slap, and with it, fell the last card that was carried by the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gibran Bassil, to confront his opponents, and dismiss the expatriate vote.
The card that Basil was holding was not the only one that fell into this equation, but also the mask that was worn by the Aounist movement, which has long appealed and demanded the rights of expatriats. What was hidden, is now revealed, and Baail is confronting today, the whole expatriats. As they are full aware now, that he is the one who wants to nget rid of their votes, especially in the third northern district, in which about twenty-seven thousand expatriates are registered, and this appeal will not be reflected only in the third northern district, but on all districts, how will the orange Tayyar face all this?
And if the constitutional decision “disappointed” Basil’s hopes of resolving his first electoral battle before time, the setback he suffered from his ally Hezbollah, was more severe, and this was evident in his speech yesterday, as his arrows targeted the party in particular, for the first time, with such public intensity.
Today, there are many scenarios put forward, regarding the ” Aounists” double setback, and all of them are in their favour. The result will either be blowing up the elections, or blowing up the country.