| 2 February 2023, Thursday |

Consultations next Thursday and changers participate individually

A month has passed to the parliamentary elections, President of the Republic called for binding parliamentary consultations Thursday, the 23rd of this month, to assign a new prime minister. The announced reasons for delaying the date were for waiting for the elections of the House of Representatives’ office and then the elections of the parliamentary committees, then the file demarcation of the borders and the visit of the American mediator, and the argument was the reception of the distinguished guest, while it became clear that the real reasons lie behind the same demand, that President Aoun had raised in previous consultations, ehen he insisted on agreeing on the president, the form of the government, and the share of the Free Patriotic Movement implicitly, before defining consultations. And if the scenario expected so far is to assign President Najib Mikati, who has so far enjoyed the support of Hezbollah, Amal, Marada and some independents, the bet remains until Thursday on Hezbollah’s ability to persuade the Free Patriotic Movement to name Mikati, or at least adopt the same scenario that happened last time. When Bassil announced that he would not name Mikati, while leaving the door open to give him confidence in the parliament, according to the government formation. On the other hand, the sovereign parties raise a clear “no” to the repetition of the previous government scene, giving Hezbollah and the current the right to impose the president and thus allow Bassil to impose his conditions and form a political government, through a government of national unity. According to the information, there is coordination in this position between the Lebanese Forces, the Kataeb, the Socialist, the Independence Movement, and with independent representatives, pending clarification of the position of the change deputies. It was remarkable the participation of the change deputies in the consultations under the name of independent deputies, who numbered 31 independent deputies, including former and new deputies. The changers come to the palace according to the appointments assigned to them individually, not in one bloc or even in two blocs, with the exception of 7 deputies from the north who were able to form a bloc under the name of the deputies of the Northern Parliamentary Gathering. It seems that the 13-member bloc has dispersed. After they collectively fought to some extent in the elections for the Council’s office, here are the deputies who announced that they are among them, and they are participating as independents in the consultations Thursday. Even the attempt to form a bloc that brings together the representatives of the North with some independents, such as Nehmat Phrem and Jean Talusian, has not yet succeeded. It was remarkable that Talosian hurriedly disavowed him and absolved him of any statement issued on a social occasion as he described it.


  • Sawt Beirut International