| 28 November 2022, Monday |

Consulting decides the assignment

With a number that is the lowest in the history of his assignment, President Najib Mikati was assigned to form a government that will end the term and obtained 54 votes compared to 72 last time. Tripoli’s independent MP Ihab Matar.

The most prominent observations, including the conclusions of the consultations, are that they did not reflect a clear political alignment between two parties, but rather mixed votes in terms of political affiliation in the three options. It is true that the majority that named Mikati was mainly for the duo of Hezbollah, Amal and the allies, but Mikati also obtained the votes of independent MPs who ran in the parliamentary elections Under the title of the Changers, such as the Northern Representatives bloc, Jean Taluzian, Bilal Al-Hashimi and Nabil Badr, in contrast, in the no-naming option, the list combined, for example, the Lebanese Forces and some independent representatives such as Osama Saad, Abdel-Rahman Al-Bizri and Fouad Makhzoumi with the Free Patriotic Movement bloc and Representative Jamil Al-Sayed, although each party had its reasons for not The nomination, as for the option of Salam, was placed on the Democratic Gathering, the Phalanges, and the bloc of Representative Michel Moawad. It seemed remarkable that Representative Neamat Frem was positioned with a member of his bloc, Representative Jamil Abboud, between the choices of naming Mikati or not naming him, distinct from his ally in the elections, the Kataeb Party. As Ephrem alluded to, he was called Miqati.

Among the somewhat strange observations that are recorded in these consultations is the division of one bloc on its way to work together into 3 positions or three options, which is the bloc that will bring together Rifi, Makhzoumi and Moawad. Representative Ashraf Rifi took the decision to boycott the consultations in light of the system of ruin and the covenant that is ready to burn the country for the sake of The brother-in-law, as mentioned in his statement, as for Representative Fouad Al-Makhzoumi, decided to participate, but without naming anyone, criticizing the option of Salam, who has no popular base and no clear position regarding the issues raised, such as the issue of weapons, while MP Michel Moawad and his partner MP Adib Abdel Masih went to the option of Judge Nawaf Hello. Also in the notes are MP Michel Murr, with the Marada bloc and Representative Farid Al-Khazen. As for the changers or the group of 13, they wanted to show their unity in form, so they came to the palace together and participated in the consultations as one bloc, but they were divided in their choices between 10 who voted for Salam and 3 who refrained from naming them Zarazir, Qaqour, and Jaradi.

In summarizing the results of the recent consultations during the era of President Michel Aoun, they do not suggest that the composition will take place, and the holder of the two titles, the designated president and the head of the caretaker government, will continue until a new president is elected.

  • Sawt Beirut International