| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Corpses among the living in Jaloul

Not willingly, she cuts off the air by shutting down the windows.

The doors of solutions are closed in front of her, as in the faces of the people of the neighborhood here.
They were even deprived of oxygen, they say.
By the garbage they are dying day by day.

This time, the waste is not food based.
It is the remains of the carcasses of cows and sheep,
Food for rats and poisonous insects is guaranteed here,
The sbi raised the voice of the people,
Those concerned moved.
I took the file with me to the Governor of Beirut and to the relevant ministries.

The new and old deputies did not find a place to parade
The filth of the scene indicates the ugliness of neglect practiced against marginalized areas.
Since the establishment of the system founded on invalid.

Dumping waste and meat residues may save the people from the environmental disaster temporarily. As for the sustainable solution, it is the responsibility of more than one ministry and more than one municipality, if coordination is present among them, and there are no problems.

  • Sawt Beirut International