| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Covenant in service of the son-in-law?

It’s counseling time. Last week, binding parliamentary consultations took place and led to Najib Mikati’s assignment to form a government. Today, non-binding parliamentary consultations aimed at forming a government have begun. In both cases, constitutional logic prevails. But will the constitution be respected to the end, or will it be violated as usual?

In Lebanon, unfortunately, even the constitution has become a point of view. The most prominent violators of the constitution are those who are supposed to respect the constitution and act according to its requirements. From here, Najib Mikati is in trouble. Either he accepts Bassil’s reality or he will not be able to form a government. What is meant by Bassil’s reality is the conditions and demands that Gebran Bassil will cling to until the end. If Mikati implements it and acquiesce, the government will obtain the signature of the President of the Republic. But if Bassil does not submit, the President of the Republic does not sign.

Have you discovered now why the constitution in Lebanon is a point of view? In the presence of a president who listens to the wishes of Gebran Bassil and is keen to implement them, the country, the constitution, the laws and the people are all in the service of the son-in-law of the covenant. How can this covenant be strong as long as it is weak in the face of the wishes of the son-in-law of the covenant master? Forbidden democracy, how many crimes are committed in your name!


  • Sawt Beirut International