| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Customs fees on used autos to increase 15 times

Following his meeting with President of the Republic Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Najib Mikati declared that it was decided to refer the draft budget to parliament without the electricity advance, under one condition, that this subject be reviewed in the cabinet and sent to parliament via a separate measure.
Mikati stated, “We must choose whether to supply energy on a permanent basis or not. The ministers are opposed to a partial solution and offering an advance every time, as has been the case for the previous thirty years.”

Following yesterday’s approval by the Council of Ministers to exempt all food, medical, and medicine imports from any fees, as well as the adoption of an exchange rate for calculating the customs dollar on other imports, meetings began today at the Ministry of Finance to translate the decisions regarding the numbers of new customs duties and taxes.

As a result, imported automobiles would be subject to customs dollar conversion rates, while Acting Information Minister Abbas Al Halabi has stated that the government will differentiate between customs taxes imposed on modest cars and  luxury cars.
Walid Francis, the chairman of the syndicate of used automobile dealerships, joined us to shed light on this matter.

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