| 5 December 2022, Monday |

Customs on the black market

It’s past time to say goodbye to the 1.500 LBP customs rate. According to Sawt Beirut International sources, it is now almost probable that the decision to change the computation of customs taxes has been set on fire. Sources revolve on the exchange rate of the Banque du Liban’s exchange platform, which is normally a difference of 1000 or 2000 Lebanese pounds for the black market exchange rate, implying that customs taxes are computed roughly on the black market exchange rate.

According to the information of Sawt Beirut International, 240 luxury cars were sold in Lebanon, and the customs duties were paid at the exchange rate of 1500 pounds. Does the modification include all goods?

The Gulf countries and some Arab countries, in addition to the European Union countries, remain exempt from customs duties according to the signed agreements, so that countries such as China, the United States and Turkey are subject to customs duties.

  • Sawt Beirut International