| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

Dar Al-Fatwa brings together Sunni representatives… What is the purpose of the meeting?

Twenty-seven deputies are invited to a meeting to be held on the twenty-fourth of September under the title of strengthening Sunni, Islamic and national unity.

The call, according to information from observers, was issued after Arab and Gulf urging aimed at uniting the Sunni arena after its dispersal.
Other observers reported that the goal was an attempt to establish a post-Prime Minister Saad Hariri era.
The house did not receive any official apology from the invited representatives.
Meanwhile, MP Halima Kaakour, elected for the Sunni seat, announced that she would not attend the meeting.
It held that it was not allowed for the clergy to engage in politics in the name of the sect.
She described the matter as an attack on the sovereignty of state institutions.


The invitation to the house was welcomed by the majority of Sunni MPs.
Meanwhile, the five Sunni MPs in the Change Parliament are heading to meet this week to take a unified position.
It is too early to talk about the results of this meeting, but limiting it to the title of exchange of ideas and consultation will limit its usefulness.
It is the first step of its kind during the term of Mufti Daryan to arrange the Sunni house and unify the situation in the maximum possible way.
The absence of a Sunni bloc requires a gathering of the ranks.
Especially since the Sunni leadership is going through a transitional phase.
It will be a difficult stage as long as the country’s parliamentarians run for seats with their sectarian affiliations, until the law becomes civil and cross-sectarian.

  • Sawt Beirut International