| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Date of benefiting from safety program is near

200,000 families were selected by the electronic program in the first phase, to benefit from the “Aman” program funded by the World Bank, which will enable each family to receive a monthly amount of $20 for each family member (maximum 6 members), in addition to a fixed amount of $25 US per family, for one year, after families who are not entitled to benefit were excluded.
These families, and after being electronically selected, will be subject to a direct evaluation, as home visits began on February 17.
500 surveyors affiliated with the World Food Program (WFP), began visiting families’ homes to verify the information that was included in the form, during the registration process, in order to identify the 150,000 families out of the 200,000 who will benefit from the “Aman” program.
The surveyors, after their field inspection, will enter the information of each family into the electronic program, after which the form will be evaluated again, and always electronically, through the central administration unit in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
For example, the families that are inspected in these two weeks, and are found to meet the conditions, will be paid in the second week of next March. As for the families that will be examined in the coming weeks, they will be paid starting from the third week of March with a retroactive effect on the months of January and February, because it is a continuous process and takes place in stages. Sources from the Ministry of Social Affairs indicate that the identification of the beneficiary families will be revealed at the beginning of March.
As for the method of payment, each beneficiary family will receive a text message informing them that assistance is available, specifying the name of the money transfer company from which they should charge the amount.
The citizen only has to present his identity card, since his name will be recorded with the money transfer companies, in order to obtain the amount allocated to him.