| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Death is more expensive than joy in Lebanon

Grief is paralleled by two sorrows, grief over those who left this difficult world, and grief over the costs that are added to the petrol, and school fees.

Azrael is taking the lives of our loved ones dying from cancers, pollution, nitrates, missing treatments and oxygen. Tombs are opened for the dead, and coffins are planted in a land where life is equal to death.

The Lebanese people lives are cheap, but they die expensively, so what is the price of death in Lebanon?

Added to all that cost, is the price of the clergymen who worship the two Gods, both are money.

People in Lebanon are forbidden to live, forbidden to get sick, and of course forbidden to die.

Whoever dies rests, and whoever remains weeps for the dead, but cries mostly his soul stuck in hell, embodied in the land “Lebanon.” Perhaps a day will come when we bury our wrong political choices with the coffins of the election boxes.

  • Sawt Beirut International