| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Decision to move towards full dollarization… is inevitable!

– Almost two and a half years after the complete collapse in Lebanon, the most important question remains today, where are we heading in the coming days, and what is the future of the economy in this drowned country, which needs a miracle to save it, and are we going to global dollarization?
We raised this question to the financial advisor Michel Qozah.

– Fuel prices have risen today, with 95-octane gasoline reaching 484,000 pounds, an increase of 10 thousand pounds, 98-octane gasoline, reached 495 thousand pounds, an increase of 11 thousand pounds, diesel 598,000 pounds, an increase of 18 thousand pounds, and gas 359 thousand pounds, an increase of a thousand pounds.
With gasoline price reaching five hundred thousand pounds, and the follow-up to the file of raising the transport allowance, Sawt Beirut International’s sources confirmed that there was no agreement in today’s meeting on a unified price to raise the transport allowance, and the matter was postponed to next week until a new approach suitable for the public and private sectors is reached.

  • Sawt Beirut International