| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Delusion sweeping Lebanon

Hippuchondrias or pathological delusion is a psychological condition that has become a very prevailing in our Arab societies, especially Arab. As we die, we die for fear of illness, not the same disease. We get sick with the many medications more than we heal these medications, we showcase the symptoms, we specialize for ourselves and others, we recommend treatments on the principle of asking a criminal and to provide “the wise” … we take medications as we take candies, “on the validity of safety”

Mrs. Shams is a sample of a society sick with the same disease.

Dr. Wael Salama explains to us the real reason for this nurse and the reason for its spread in our society, as well as the effect of the Plasibo in treatment.

Yes, we are a people who loves to draw attention, love the feelings of compassion, and their delegation to draw attention.

Patient delusion is an illusion of the disease and a disease in itself. The medications that the endeavor that it ends.

The pathological obsession makes these drugs useless, just fake or Plassibo medications.

  • Sawt Beirut International