| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Demolition of the granaries… Is the authority hiding the features of the crime after it obstructed the investigation?

Remembering the fourth of August their case. All memory-activating elements were present in the fire brigade hall.

The regiment that awaits the justice of an authority that is still waiting in many stations.

While the victims’ families are crying, the government laments the necessity of concealing the crime scene. The state decided to demolish the barns that were destroyed by the explosion.

The investigator’s efforts did not bear in the explosion. The spring of justice is a season hampered by political protection. The investigation of the largest human crime is hindered by the human whims of the ruling parties.

They did not agree on the appointment of members of the General Assembly. The commission, if appointed, will face obstacles to response requests from MPs and ministers accused of the explosion.

The ship of justice is sinking, politics controls the judiciary. And next to it are the ruined Lebanese wheat granaries, while the flour is in a crisis threatening the Lebanese to starve, it is as if the port, after the explosion, is demonstrating image of the country’s crises.

Instead of turning the courtyard of the barrens into an arena symbolizing condemnation of the authority, the Covenant seeks to demolish these silos and build them again, something that the families of the victims considered to conceal the landmarks of the crime.