| 9 December 2023, Saturday |

Demolition of the silos on track… Will the signs of August 4 explosion disappear?

His passing darkened the family home,
The sister lights up his memory with pictures that she scattered around the room,
Neither she nor anyone with her will change her mind from holding the perpetrators of the crime accountable,
The guilt of neglecting the crime hangs on the necks of the people,
The lines of insistence on confrontation did not extend beyond statements to sentencing criminals.

The authority continues to violate justice through the decision to demolish the port silos,
and gives guidance on the post-demolition phase,
The persistence of provoking the families of the victims and suppressing their pain continues,
The change representatives gathered for them and prepared proposals of laws for them.

Signs of the bombing are still there,
Signs of the commission of another crime looming above the barns,
The white smoke that promised vengeance did not come out from the killers,
And the bats of the night do not fear the sun of reckoning,
The crime scene is set on fire in order to burn what is called incriminating evidence.

It is not only the silos that burn every once in a while, but the fires in the hearts of the families of the victims were not extinguished by retribution against the perpetrators.
It is a crime that many Lebanese fear to be added to crimes at the national level.
It has been registered against Anonymous.


  • Sawt Beirut International