| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

Depositors and banks.. dispute and new court rulings

Force not only restores his rights,

The Locally Forgotten Ouzai District,
became a magnet for the world press,
Bassam Sheikh Hussein recovered his money with military weapons.
Not by legal tricks,
His examination of his father’s illnesses was the greatest motivator to recover his money by intimidation.
To become a trap for the eyes,

Another refund of the money that was deposited but by the court,
Judge Carla Shawah’s decision forced a bank to transfer about 162,000 US dollars to the account of depositor Maha Matarji, to a bank in Dubai, where she resides.
The channels of confrontation with the banks opened again,
Legislation targeting it started from the Hamra area by force of arms,
The force of existing laws is still at work by independent judges,
As long as the Capital Control Act has not yet seen the light.

Most of the banks turned from offices for cash operations to operations rooms for legal confrontations,
Confrontations without obstacles start with influential people owning stakes in banks and do not end with stagnation in the judicial tracks as a result of malfunctions or disruption.

  • Sawt Beirut International