| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

Depositors will bear half the losses as per the government’s plan, IMF may refuse

The government’s recovery plan is facing objections from all sides, because it comes before the elections. It also lacks any political support, which affects the popular base of the parliamentary blocs represented in the government.

It is also objected, because it was suggested that depositors will bear 55 percent of the losses or the financial gap estimated at $69 billion.

To shed light on this topic, Economist Antoine Farah joined us.

The Consumer Protection Directorate continues its inspection tours in the market, “implementing the directives of the Minister of Economy and Trade, especially in Jezzine, where it closed a supermarket with red wax, and another supermarket in Nabatieh. It also drafted seizure reports against many violators.” The supervisors toured the butchers, and warned the violators.

The Ministry of Economy confirmed that it will continue to control violations ad refer them to the competent judiciary.

“They have prevented the usual appointment of members of sanctions expert panels, including humanitarian specialists.” They make it more difficult for the gadget to function properly. To remedy this, we must all work together.”

“When member states intentionally disregard sanctions evasion activities or fail to live up to the promises we have all made to implement these measures, they undermine the tool’s efficacy and the work of the council itself,” the US ambassador continued.

“Meanwhile, individual member states or other multilateral organisations have the legal and moral authority to apply sanctions on their own, when appropriate, to achieve these essential purposes.”

  • Sawt Beirut International