| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Did Hezbollah’s state complete inside Lebanese territory?

There has been a lot of talks recently about a statelet within the state in Lebanon. What is meant, of course, is the state of Hezbollah within the Lebanese Republic. Is this true, or has Hezbollah turned into a complete state within the Lebanese borders with regional influence?

Beginning with the areas and lands controlled by Hezbollah, from the southern suburbs to the Bekaa Valley, the south, and even the capital Beirut, where large areas are under the party’s moral and practical control, especially with the recent crisis and financial collapse that hit even the Lebanese military sectors.

Secondly, the health sector. Hezbollah has several modern hospitals, which are considered among the best in Lebanon currently. They provide health services to the incubating environment, and it represents the Ministry of Health for the incubating environment, which gives it health independence from the Lebanese state.

Third, the banking sector of Hezbollah, which suffers from US financial sanctions, is Al-Qard al-Hassan Foundation, which is considered the party’s central bank. The institution carries out banking business and lends the Lebanese money in return for a pledge of gold, which gave the party a stockpile of gold that the Lebanese state is not aware of.

Fourth, the educational sector. The party owns a series of educational institutions on various Lebanese territories, which are huge to the extent that they give the party independence from the Lebanese Ministry of Education and adopt the method of managing competent capabilities and brains, which sometimes graduate engineers and technicians who serve the party in the military fields.

Fifth, the athlete sector. Hezbollah owns Al-Ahed Football Club, which managed to win the AFC Cup, which gave the party a victory even on the sporting level over the Asian continent.

What the party lacked is the fuel sector, but with the recent crisis in the Lebanese market, it entered the market under the pretext of breaking the siege.

Therefore, the party is no longer lacking except to announce a state with complete basic ingredients and will not announce it because the current situation and the surrender of the Lebanese officials to the fait accompli is the best example of a Hezbollah’s state on the Mediterranean sea.

  • Sawt Beirut International