| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Do you remember the old cameras? A report inspired by the past’s nostalgia 

Everything from the past was beautiful because it was so valuable to us. Waiting for a movie, or a song, meeting an old friend by chance, a phone call with the geographically distant and close to the heart, and taking the photos.

Repetition was not available, it is the moment, you capture it with passion, and you wait for its image with more passion. No filters, no effects, but the beauty of the soul in making memories. ‘Say Cheese’, and let’s go back in time.

Everything has changed around us, even the image of memory, has become artificially modified like the days we live.

This is how the negative was, with a name with a negative meaning, and with a positive content and the splendor of waiting.

This was the film we were taking to the cameraman, but today it is not superfluous. It does not matter if the method of photography has changed, but the important thing is that we laugh so that the picture appears beautiful.

  • Sawt Beirut International