| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Does black dollar high rate makes Lebanese happy?

The Lebanese people are facing a new shock, as the exchange rate of one dollar exceeded the threshold of 55,000 pounds, amid bleak predictions, especially with the escalation of the political crisis and the failure to elect a president and form a government. The series of the Lebanese pound’s collapse against the dollar continues, after twenty-five years of the stability of the official price of the dollar in Lebanon, it began three years ago to gradually rise in the black market, as the country is witnessing an economic and financial crisis, and it is remarkable that it led to the emergence of several prices for the dollar, including the official exchange rate , the price of “Sayrafa” platform, the exchange rate of the black market dollar, and the price for bank withdrawals for dollar deposits and the customs dollar.
The strange question that arises is, does the rise in the exchange rate make the Lebanese happy?
So why do some rejoice at any new rise in the exchange rate?
The rise in the exchange rate remains a great concern for the bulk of the citizens, who see that they have no power in the face of this nightmare called the “dollar”.
In the end, we are inside a dark tunnel, and it is unfortunate that there is no ray of light at its end. Rather, we live in hell and confusion. Our only hope is to reach safety, even if the wait is long.

  • Sawt Beirut International